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Ecessa is a leader in wide area networking technology. Since 2002, Ecessa WAN link controllers have made wide area networks, Internet and cloud connections perform better. They allow organizations to easily add bandwidth, prioritize traffic, failover automatically, and never worry about a carrier outage taking down their wide area network or their access to Internet and cloud resources - or you getting that frustrated network administrator call. They allow you to improve your clients' networks with multiple carrier links and an easy to configure, easy to use WAN appliance. You all get to rest easy.

"Today, we have three Internet connections, including two DSL circuits and one business-class cable link. All three network connections come from three different service providers. Now, if we have a problem with a service provider we don't feel trapped or locked in. We have the flexibility to add or remove network connections and ISPs as we need, without affecting our users. Ecessa has enabled us to have quite a bit of redundancy on many fronts. In the future we may even consider adding a wireless link to diversify even further."
Zack Clobes, IT Manager , Hutchinson Credit Union

Ecessa network technology keeps business connected across a range of industries and solves an array of business problems. We make ANY network better. We look forward to working with you.